Relayr Glossary

This is a work-in-progress compilation of research for the Fall 2022 OTCR Relayr project.

Anomaly Detection
Data analysis term for significantly deviant data. In this case, it refers to sensor data from unusual circumstances.
Gus's metaphor, borrowed from silicon, for the industry 4.0 relationship between the manufacturing company and the EaaS company (as advocated by Relayr)
Asset Services
IIoT/Cloud reprogramming and customization of manufacturing machines
Brownfield (legacy) systems are Retrofitted with IIoT technology. Greenfield (new) systems are designed to leverage IIoT technology.
Business Outcome Warranty
Relayr's guarantee that Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will be increased
Capital Expenditure
CAPEX-OPEX Transformation
The key shift in the business structures of customers purchasing Relayr's "business transformation" product (ie. Production machines become leased and maintained by outside or subsidiary company)
Cascading Damage Chains
A negative effect of reactive maintenance
Completion Warranty
Relayr's guarantee that the business transformation will be completed.
Custom Manufacturing & Evolutionary/Revolutionary Innovation
Custom manufacturing is enabled by reprogrammable production lines with integrated packaging. Since process switching costs are reduced, customers can overcome nature's favor for innovation and increase invention.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Needs to be updated to account for: Lack of Long-term Fixed-Volume Contracts, Custom Manufacturing, Increased Demand for Cash-Flow predictability
Device Management
IIoT/Cloud management and analytics of manufacturing machines
Digitization/Circular Economy Incentives
Government programs which can be leveraged in the Relayr's much loved CAPEX-OPEX business transformation.
Equipment as a Service
Distributed but geographically close computing (ie. the middle tier between local and cloud computing)
Elements of (Relayr's) Digital Transormation
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Supply Chain Visibility - Digitalization of Processes - Service Transformation
ISO 10816
International standard for vibration prevention.
Kaiser Compressors
The go-to example of XaaS, Air-as-a-Service business model
Long-Term Fixed-Volume Contracts
A type of contract which is declining as customers demand manufacturer adaptation to customer cash flow needs. This is leading to cash flow risks for manufacturers.
Magnetic field detector. Uses include electric motor rotor bar & ring issue detection.
Margin Decrease & Parts
"There are two reasons why we are at a pivotal point towards more flexible business models today: (1) Clients want to make their cash flow streams more predictable and resilient to crises and (2) the technology that connects machines and turns sensor data into maintenance insights has finally made X-as-a-Service models a realistic option." –Josef Brunner (Relayr CEO)
MEMs Accelerometer
Sensor which uses microscopic voltage carrying plates that knock together with vibration. Used in many kinds of sensors including Tri-axial accelerometer sensors.
"Slow" changes in position or velocity (eg. Orientation tracking)
Bank Relayr partnered with in their TRUMPF business transformation
Operating Expenditure
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Measure of machine quality, performance, and availability.
Piezoelectric Accelerometer (Piezoresistant, Piezocapacitive)
Family of sensors which measure motion using the fact that squeezed crystals can have differences in charge.
Rolls-Royce program from
Predictive Mantenance
Repair before a predicted problem (resources are wasted on neither excessive routine repair nor equipment failure). [Collect historical data-> Analyze Anomylous Data-> Record anomaly and cause-> Create alert or automate fix-> Continuously update model]
Prescriptive Maintenance
Synonym for predictive maintenance. Has repair technician (versus management) & individual machine (versus fleet or system) connotations
Preventative Maintenance
Replacing parts consistently to avoid failure (eg. Oil change)
Reactive Maintenance
Fixing things after they break
Retrofit Warranty
Relayr's guarantee that old and new equipment will work together.
Connecting older machines to the IoT for Asset Services and Device Management
Rules Engines
Simple digital tools for manufacturing companies to interact with equipment. Allows for remote capabilities.
Service Level Agreement
Legal agreement between machine technicians and machine operators.
Sudden change in acceleration (eg. mechanical faults, drop testing)
Special Purpose Vehicles
Narrow, often captive, companies. Used, in Relayr's case, by business transformation customers to house internal EaaS providers.
Standard Leasing Triangle/Rental Lease Model
Visualization of the Lessee-Lessor-Vendor relationship
Subscription Economy Index
Published annually by 2007 subscription software/analytics company Zoura. Shows outperformance of overall economy by subscriptions.
The Fish Model
Visualization of the cost of a business pivot. Invented by Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood in the book "Technology-as-a-Service Playbook" and popularized by Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo in his book "Subscribed." [Costs increase & profits decrease. Money is lost. Then profits increase and costs decrease. Investment is recouped]
German industrial machine manufacturing company and relayr customer.
Ultrasonic Microphones
Detects high-pitched sounds. Used to find: early-stage bearing effects, lubrication issues (under & over), leak detection (pressure/vacuum), leak detection (steam trap, valves, seals, & gaskets), electrical faults (corona, arcing, & tracking), < 1 RPM systems (as the vibrations are too low Hertz to be picked up by accelerometers)
Value Chain Architecture
Relayr wants to help companies change this through their "business transformation" product. Specifically, they would like to make maintenance, installation, and capital expenditures for large equipment external (ie. leased or contracted). They often refer to "subscription" models in their discussion of this. Relayr does not want to own these devices, they want a third party to be created that they can sell to. In the past, they have helped create Special Purpose Vehicles (internal companies) and secured funding through MunichRE for clients.
Oscillating motion about a position of equilibrium (eg. Motor, turbine, & bearing monitoring and resonance detection)